25 March 2009

Weblog facelift

What do you mean you don't know what a weblog is? Back in the good days before blogging was a household term, there was such a thing as weblogging, which is from whence the term blogging originates. Or something like that.

Anyway, I've facelifted my weblog a few times, because I'm a perfectionist (did you know that?). I figure this style is the best minimalist-yet-fresh looking style I could find. I shall have to modify it quite a bit, because the dude that designed it is foreign or something. I've done a bit, but will get around to the rest later (I hope).

Here were some worthy candidates (I had a neat CITYSCAPE one, but I accidentally lost it before I could save my modified template)...

*** THE WINNER *** http://diggtheme-btemplates.blogspot.com/

This one was a favorite of mine, especially because of the WEB2.0 feel - it just didn't seem to make sense to have it expand down the side and not the main stuff, and then I realised (too late) that it wouldn't be a problem once there were more posts than the default one :) This one are a winner, and I half feel like I should have stuck with him instead of overlooking him for a silly reason or other. And he wasn't even - you know - foreign.

felt a bit too flashy for my liking, and it was - you know - foreign.

I liked the minimalist / fresh feel, but it lacked a double column option, and it was - you know - foreign.

I am fond of this guy, but he felt a little too intrusive and busy, or something.

This one is great. I don't know why I didn't pick him. Wait, I know, because it's too bland on the colour scheme, and I'm too lazy on the CSS coding.

This was my old favourite and survived about a week as my template. I just felt it became too busy with the black, and it was hard to identify a new post from an old one - there wasn't anything bold enough to declare "NEW POST" when you scrolled. Still a really funky template though; I highly enjoyed this one. I'm an upbeat kinda guy, so I need something to make you feel equally upbeat.