27 March 2009

Dalai Lama has caused SA to go dilly

I'm not a politician. Not really. I don't really want to start making this a political website either, but basically, when our country denies a VISA to some poor old foreign guy because he's considered a god or something, there's something not smelling right in the state of Denmark. AVAAZ is calling on people to make a civilised protest against our government to tell them they're monkies...

I know I could be shot for suggesting the ANC is behaving like a bunch of monkies because that's somehow a racist comment, but I'm not a racist, and I'm entitled to speak my mind if I don't incite hate speech or stuff like that, which I'm not doing, because I'm trying to promote love, the non-Hippie way.

Go here if you want to join us in the fight for allowing some old Chinese dude the right to come into our country and talk a little, even if he is - you know - foreign.


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