24 March 2009

Mobile goodness - sites worth checking out

Want to check gmail on your mobile?

Get the app OR for quick access without the frills (like on someone else's phone once off) http://m.gmail.com - pretty handy but very light.

There's also a whole lot of goodness @ wap.defza.com. Can we trust these convenient mobile links? I have no idea. Do I use them unwittingly? No. Do I use them despite the possible risks? Some of them, yes.

Worth looking at:

http://m.flurry.com/ - email checker dude


- you can check out what rugby fixtures are coming up, for most tournaments!


- general info on rugby, where you can choose to go to fixtures, logs, results!


- mobile chat program for most chat interfaces. You can go lite or application! Your choice!

Opera mini

- another great tool!


- movies movies movies; BUT you can specify your location and it filters the cinemas in your area!

Now showing, reviews, etc. all at your thumbtips!

AND if you save your location it automatically updates your "now showing" only for relevant cinemas near you!


- cellphone banking for standard bank customers; I'd verify with someone reliable before handing out my password and PIN for this one though!!


- same as above, but for ABSA.

I'll make a plan to review these in more depth, but have some crazy fun! Ebuddy looks awesome!!

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