28 October 2009

Post Apocalypse movies

If you're like me, then you have a small fetish for anything post-apocalyptic. That means you enjoy flicks like Mad Max, The Omega Man, I am Legend, A Boy and His Dog, The Postman, Waterworld (those last two still have a great concept and are PA, so they rock no matter what anyone says), and also probably enjoy games like Wasteland, Fallout, and the like.

Well, go check out http://www.post-apocalypse.co.uk/index.html to get a pretty decent review site focusing on plenty of PA movies, and to reminisce about the old times, and possibly even some flicks you saw as a kid that you just can't remember the name of. I also appreciate the categories they use to rate movies, which I've listed below (which goes to show what ingredients are required to make a memorable PA movie)...

Civilization Ended via:
Hero Name:
Beefed up vehicles:
Crazy Gang:
Gang leader/villain name:
Other memorable names:
Shoulder pads:
Scenes filmed in a quarry:
Lasers or bullets:
Water Shortage:
Petrol Shortage:
Food Shortage:
Bubble Domes:
Synth music:
Stupid/Ridiculous Ending:
Miraculous rain:

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