28 May 2013

Pocket: when you've got more content than time

I am a notorious link hopper. Since Netscape days, I have discovered how to break each and every browser that comes out to improve life for end-users. Opera, Firefox, Crazy Browser, Chrome, IE, you name it, I've run it to the ground. Multiple browsers, multiple sessions, multiple tabs, and so forth means no matter what machine I am running, it will be max'ing out all the time. As it is, I am using Chrome on an i7 with 8GB of RAM and it's buckling under the weight of my resource-intensive link hopping.

If I do have the lucidity of mind to 'read it later' then I invariably email it to myself but that just ends up clogging up my mailbox which is equally undesirable.

I have really needed a better way of consolidating my content together to save time and be more productive. Bookmarks don't do it, saving recurring sessions doesn't do it, so when I stumbled upon Pocket, my life's dilemma was looking like it was finally resolved!

Check out the intro video and some of the basic features and decide for yourself if this is the tool you've been looking for ... comments welcome!

Introducing Pocket from Pocket on Vimeo.

Sounds great, huh? Well read on to see if it's worth its salt ...

Where to find Pocket

Pocket supports multiple platforms:
  • Pocket for iPhone
  • Pocket for iPad
  • Pocket for Android
  • Pocket for Kindle Fire
  • Pocket for desktop web browser
    • Chrome Extension
      • includes a bookmarklet
    • Mac
Simply go to http://getpocket.com/ and be having it :-)

Features of Pocket

  • Pocket allows multiple email accounts to be assigned to one Pocket account; this means you can save links by emailing them to add@getpocket.com from any of your registered accounts and also receive shared items from other Pocket users.
  • As mentioned, you can add items to your Pocket Queue via email but you can now also do it from one of the 300+ integrated apps (such as Twitter, Flipboard, Reeder, Zite, Pulse, etc.)

Annoyances / dissapointments

  • E-mailing links only allows one per email which is a real pain; to send an individual email each time diminishes its usefulness and it would have been helpful to filter multiple lines in the email.

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