28 May 2013

More Cell C contract considerations

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Cell C at the moment, and why not? They're offering the most simple and most competitive package options available: R1 gets you R1 of value; how much simpler can you get?

Previously I recommended going on a Straight Up 100 contract and paying for what you use from there (especially if you weren't sure if you would use the 100 minutes or more) but with Supacharge now here to stay, my advice shifts a little:

Whether you sign up on Straight up XX or Straight up XX Topup the contract values remain the same:

So we can establish that there is no difference between prepaid or postpaid and it's up to personal preference.

Well, that would remain to be the case if it were not for Cell C Supacharge being a permanent feature now with Cell C:

With Cell C Supacharge any top-ups on airtime will include:
  • Free Cell C to Cell C minutes
  • Free Cell C to Cell C SMSs
  • Free data
f you want to spend R200 a month, my original argument still stands: do not get the Straight Up 200; rather get Straight Up 100 and pay for the extra minutes if you need them. Of course, I'd even go so far as saying start on the Straight Up 30 if all you are concerned about is the talktime. The only loss on moving "down" the contract tiers is the lost SMSs and data; if this is a big deal for you then bear in mind the following:

An SMS on Cell C costs money to be sent, so if you use 200 minutes and 100 SMSs a month but start at Straight Up 50, you will be paying the same amount for the minutes but will be paying for 50 SMSs that would have been free if you had just opted for Straight Up 100 or Straight Up 200 to start with. Ultimately the choice is yours and depends on your requirements for data and SMSs but once you have determined which package to settle on, you should still make it on TopUp and here's why...

The bonus of Supacharge is the inclusive minutes and SMSs and data. It is limited to Cell C but it does open up a new consideration. If you are going to commit to R100 a month on Straight Up 100 then go for the TopUp option instead. You're protecting yourself from unexpected expenditure, sticking to your budget, and in the off chance that you need more airtime, you will score with Supacharge bonuses when you recharge.

A really sly individual may even top up R300, score themselves the usual R300 airtime (even to overseas destinations at the same cost as local calls) but also get a further 900 minutes to Cell C contacts FOR 30 DAYS (on top of the 900 SMSs and 900MB of data). The R300 carries over for three months and you will reap the benefits of, essentially, unlimited calls for the month to Cell C contacts. If you did not top up but spent the equivalent amount, you would miss out on the Cell C to Cell C minutes. 

Going for the R500 deal gives you absolutely unlimited calls to Cell C contacts but I think spending R300 over two months will be R100 more, give you just as much unlimited airtime, but carry over R600 of airtime (which is R100 more and lasts for two months).

Anyway, Supacharge gives some additional things to consider now... my vote is TopUp contract every time, for the time being at least!

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