14 December 2009

Blackberry Messenger 5 download

Anyone that knows  me probably knows my story about BlackBerry devices. I have owned one for five years now and counting, and over the years I've managed to convince others to take the delve into the Black divide ("once you go BlackBerry, you won't go back" or something to that effect). My most recent handset has been the 8900 Curve "Javelin", and when I migrated from my 8707v it somehow decided that the BlackBerry Messenger on the 8900 wasn't right, removed it, tried to put my 8707v Messenger on, figured it wasn't compatible, and broke. I was stuck without the Messenger, and became the laughing stock of my contemporaries. No matter. I persevered without it, relied heavily on GOOGLE TALK for BlackBerry, and occassionally kept an eye out for an OTA downloadable version for Messenger, which never seemed to be there (with some stupid excuse that it was available on the supplied CD bundled with the phone, or available through the Desktop software, which is both rot).
This weekend I decided to try out the hunt again, and certainly in my case (and yours, if you're a BlackBerry user), Christmas has come early! BlackBerry Messenger 5 can be downloaded from the BlackBerry mobile website, and it's choco-block full of features!

Check out the features list I've unlocked, and then the download link (DISCLAIMER: I have not used a recent Messenger app, so some of these features may actually be old news and I'm just a Messenger-less user for the past six months, but they're at least new to me, so I've noted them as NEW. Also, always remember to do a backup before upgrading software on your BB, just in case);

  1. Auto-backup your contacts list
  2. 2D barcodes (which can be imported and transferred like a unique PIN)
  3. Sending files (audio, files, pictures, and even GPS location)
  4. BlackBerry Groups
  5. New layout
  6. Broadcast messages

    The BlackBerry site also lists these as the primary features with version 5:

    • Personalize BlackBerry Messenger with a display picture
    • Add friends by scanning barcodes or sharing PINs
    • Share pictures, videos, voice notes and more with multiple contacts at once
    • Create groups of friends, family or colleagues and instantly share calendars, lists, conversations and updates
    • See what your friends are listening to by viewing their song titles
    • Organize conversation lists by date
    • Send and receive text messages
    • Back up and restore your contact list

Head on over to the primary download site and find the latest version there, or try out one of these links below:

Reviews are here:



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