16 September 2009

Goodies for your mobile

I've now decided to update my list of WAP and .MOBI sites into a nice spreadsheet for you to look at. It's located here... http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tiRd8NN6hIIEIQuwC_5dJzQ&single=true&gid=0&output=html

First feature is the m.gmail.com lite-site for GMAIL!

Very basic in layout, it's an optional view for GMAIL which can be selected as either HTML or MOBILE. It shows conversations, labels, etc. but doesn't seem to show a way of replying to a current conversation, which to me is its primary limitation. For keeping track of things, though, it seems to be really useful and a valuable GMAIL tool for mobile!


Kai Hendry said...

Bryan, I've spent a good portion of my career fighting WAP, dotMobi and XHTML bollocks.

I'd appreciate you see the light, that lite HTML5 apps are the future.


Of course you need a pretty good browser, but settling for WAP is like going backwards.

BrYan (aka Brattex) said...

I'm perfectly willing to see the lite (ahem), but I don't know what's wrong with WAP sites?

You see, for we lowly 3rd-world people that have slow internet access, using WAP on my BlackBerry seems like something akin to the launching of Sputnik back in the 50's... please teach me, oh wise one.

Kai Hendry said...

"WAP sites" have numerous problems.

Off the top of my head, many WAP sites that claim they are a WAP site, aren't actually WAP sites. They are Web sites. Is m.gmail.com really a WAP site? I doubt it.

If they really are WAP sites, then they are not accessible from joe-blow Web browser. Now that sucks.

If somehow it does work, it probably uses some sort of device detection and I'm tired of the different inconsistent renderings.

WAP browsers are typically full of scary undocumented bugs. 99/100 you're better off writing simple HTML to read on a mobile. Most mis-labelled and mis-marketed "WAP browsers" should be able to read that.