24 September 2009

ASA seems to have their knickers in a knot

If you don't know about the ASA debacle, then read the following articles to get a better context.


And then here's the result of the meeting:

Basically we've got this president of the ASA - Leonard Chuene - who's allowed an 18-year old to run in a race and win the gold, despite his knowledge that Caster Semenye was under scrutiny for having an "unfair advantage". The scrutiny would lead to potential public humiliation for her, and an ignominous end to her athletics career. Chuene didn't seem to care, ignoring the team doctor (who's incidentally also Jacob Zuma's personal GP, and has been the team doctor for TWENTY YEARS, so he has some credentials) who basically advised to withdraw her from the race to avoid ruining her life. Caster won the race, but has had a nightmare of mockery and leaked stories about her gender ever since. What incites me to rage about this is how the ANC has come out in public support of Caster (and in a smaller extent, for Chuene too), sweeping the debacle under a raggedy carpet of racism, and deflecting the fury of the caring public instead towards the IAAF and white racist pigs who have obviously targeted black African athletes. Never mind that this isn't a race issue (it hardly ever is, except maybe for the guilty ANC cadres) and that recently we've heard the confession that Leonard Chuene was lying for weeks, ignored medical advice, and has cashed in on Caster's achievement.

People have been baying for Chuene to resign, but the long and the short of it is, Chuene is here to stay, and that means the ASA is being presided over by a liar. Plain and simple. A liar is still in charge. How does this bode well for South Africa's credentials? I'm not sure it makes a difference. We're just the topmost rotten apple sitting in a pile of rotten apples in the world's breadbasket (I think basket-case is more apt).

Unconfirmed (by the Courts) rumours already abound that our president is a rapist and a crook, and when we see his cadres being released from prison on medical parole (but living it up in Musgrave), it's hard to ignore these rumours.

I don't see how - in any way possible - someone who's confessed to lying can be given any sort of vote of confidence. If they've admitted to lying (and then only because they were caught doing it), then how do we know they haven't done it before, and won't do it again?

Caster had to undergo gender testing to verify if she was a he or a she or a something in between. I think the more appropriate step shouldn't have been a series of gender tests for Caster, but rather a series of agenda tests for Chuene.

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