30 January 2018

Water Saving Tip - Using your air conditioner condensation

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Water Saving Tip - Using Air Conditioner Condensation

Without going into the technical process of an air conditioner / water heater / air pump, the bottom line is, there is likely going to be a pretty reasonable amount of condensation coming out which amounts to free and pure H2O.

I have confirmed with a colleague who's using an appliance like this that he is collecting close to 15l (that's FIFTEEN LITRES) of water a day.

In the context of Cape Town #DayZero where we will be hit with 25l per person per day, that's nearly double the daily allowance and if you have one unit at home, or several at work, think about the difference this can make.

Like I said, this is pretty pure water (in theory it's rain water, although stagnant conditions etc. can still be sufficient for bacteria to breed), so if you catch it right, it's FREE WATER.

We all need to save water for our planet's future, and in my place of residence, Cape Town, right now, we need all the tricks we can master.

Here are some links to explain the process and give tips and ideas:


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