17 July 2015

R.I.P. Grooveshark. Long live Streamsquid!

All of a sudden on the last day of April, 2015, Grooveshark shut down. Apparently it had to do with a very expensive fine.

Although I don't approve of piracy, I thought Grooveshark had survived this long because it was legit. and it hurt me a lot to see my favourite music streaming service go offline, especially without prior warning. What about all of my playlists! The love and effort I'd put into them for years!

Oh well, there was nothing to be done, so I just accepted I'd have to listen to my local MP3 collection for a change instead...

That is, until Streamsquid came along!

Streamsquid was written by some avid Grooveshark fans and seems to have covered itself from any legal issues because it pulls the songs from YouTube and SoundCloud.

“StreamSquid is legal. We use YouTube and SoundCloud APIs to stream music legally and meet all requirements and terms of services. Everything is double checked,”

It's still in its infancy but the good news is, more features are promised and there is a way to recover your old Grooveshark playlists (in an upcoming post :)).

I am enjoying this alternative so I hope you will too!

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