07 October 2014

Google Calendar Tips and Gems

I'm pretty sure it's a safe bet that you are using GMail. Given the likelihood, you're probably also using the Google Calendar service too. Well, "using" is probably quite subjective. I mean, I can't actually remember the total number of people I know that don't harness the whole potential of Google Calendar - the shared calendars, the SMS reminders, the additional public calendars. It's quite silly, really. Google Calendar is the de facto calendar application as far as I'm concerned.

I have included a dottotech video below with a few "hidden gems" - I was aware of four of them but never knew about dragging the date picker!

A few quick-fire tips from my side:

Under Calendar Settings

  • Add a moon phase to your Google Calendar
  • Add friends and contacts Birthday reminders
  • Add the weather
  • Enable Offline
  • Add some Labs!
Enjoy :)

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