20 August 2013

MyMemory.com is now Huggler.com and amazing opening specials!

The (really awesome, IMHO) photobook printing service MyMemory.com has changed ownership (well, I suppose not really ownership since Huggler was a director) and with it, changed name to Huggler.

There is a few opening specials going around but the most significant is this one:

Head over to www.huggler.com and buy one of these GBP30 photobooks for a mere GBP5 - that's around an 80% saving!

Enter HUGGLER5 in the voucher field and voila! Cheap photobook!

You can only buy one at a time but the voucher is reusable and if you purchase a photobook voucher, you have twelve months to complete your masterpiece. Just one thing to note, though, Huggler now charges for delivery so add on another GBP3 for the international delivery cost (but that's still a total of GBP8 and if you opt for a bunch to be delivered at once, you'll save on delivery fees I'm sure).

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