12 June 2013

Resetting Google Chrome Sync to fix Sync errors

When setting up a Windows 7 laptop, a Windows 8 Laptop, and a Linux desktop, I use Google Chrome Sync to keep everything standard across the platforms. This worked beautifully with Windows 7, Ubuntu Chrome, and Windows 8 on a tablet but when I brought Windows 8 onto my laptop and started to use Fedora as my desktop, I noticed that the Google Extensions (applications, specifically) didn't synchronise.

After much troubleshooting and patiently waiting to see if more extensions would eventually appear (the bookmarks were fine) I decided the best course of action was to reset my Chrome Sync.

Here are the steps:

  1. Disconnect each Chrome browser from Google
    1. Chrome Settings
    2. Disconnect your Google Account
  2. Reset Chrome sync at Google HQ
    1. www.google.com/dashboard
    2. Chrome Sync (you can expand it to see if each machine has the same number of preferences, themes, extensions etc. (do this from each machine))
    3. Manage Chrome Sync
    4. Stop and Clear
  3. Once everything is cleared, go back to Google Chrome on your primary machine (the one you want to be the source of the synchronisation) and
    1. Chrome Settings
    2. Connect your Google Account
  4. Go back to the dashboard and check Chrome sync. It should now start syncing again and growing
  5. Repeat step 3 for every other machine you want to include in the synchronisation.
HINT: You can also download your data (as a backup) just to be extra sure.

UPDATE: You can also do a manual Extension  refresh by following these steps ...

  1. Chrome Menu
  2. Tools
  3. Extensions
  4. Enable Developer Mode
  5. Update Extensions Now

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