01 June 2012

Free online backup service ZOVO is FREE

... for one year, in celebration of the HRH The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

What is Zovo? Zovo is an online unlimited backup facility - here's what they have to say:

Safely backup your files online
zovo safely and securely backs up all of your files online, from multiple computers. It works automatically in the background so that you don't worry about losing your precious files. You can restore files, even deleted ones, quickly and easily. It's totally secure, easy to use, and quick to setup. Best of all, you get truly unlimited storage space, so that you can back up all of your computers. No more excuses for not being "backed up".

Added features include streaming from your backed up data to your iPad or iPhone:

Stream your music & movies to your iPhone or iPad
zovo will change the way you use your iPhone & iPad. Using our free app and you can instantly stream all of the music and videos that you have backed up. You can also access your documents, presentations and photos too. Any data you have backed up is now instantly available to you, from anywhere.

What have you got to lose?

Sign up here for your free year: http://zovo.co/jubi/?lrRef=L0ALV

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