12 November 2010

BlackApps: SMSRelay

I have a confession to make: despite owning a BlackBerry handset for almost six years I didn't really bother with BlackBerry App's until about two weeks ago, and since I started to dig into them I've found quite a few that are really fantastic - almost ESSENTIAL (oh boy, here BrYan goes again).

I've decided to entitle my series of BlackBerry App reviews "BlackApps" because it sounds cool :)

My first BlackApp review is going to be about SMSRelay by Manse eSolutions Inc. 

The App site describes SMSRelay as follows: 

"This application performs two functions.

a) It allows the sending of all received SMS messages on the device to a configurable email address, and 

b) It allows emails received on the device to be sent out as a SMS message."

Although that's pretty straight forward, I'll rephrase it: what SMSRelay does is auto-forward all incoming SMSes to a defined email address. If you set it up to do this to, say, a GMAIL account, it will come with the subject pre-pended by a string you define in the configuration section followed by the number sending the SMS. Obviously you'd want to set up a filter to label and store the SMS received, but once that's set up, hey presto! You've got a permanent record of all received SMSes! 

SMSRelay also allows you to auto-forward incoming emails to a predefined cellphone number as an SMS - another handy feature although I didn't find much use for this (but it's there).

The configuration screen for SMSRelay is a no frills screen that only lets you enter an email address (for relaying), a pre-pend text message (for the email subject) and a passcode if you want to forward to another cellphone. Simple but intuitive.

Finally, SMSRelay is small (25KB), a breeze to set up, and most importantly, FREE.

You can find SMSRelay here: 

And you can find other Apps by Manse eSolutions Inc. here: 

Oh, and one last thing: I've updated my Essential and Useful Software List to incorporate a BlackBerry App tab.

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