16 August 2010

Command-line SMTP e-mailer

Want to send an email through a simple command-line batch file? Then check this out!

Combining the latest cellphones supporting e-mail and an SMTP server with BMAIL will turn your scheduled tasks into SUPER SCHEDULED TASKS (I know, lame, but it was worth a shot).

Basically, you deploy the BMAIL.EXE file somewhere, and then you just run your tasks as usual, and at the end of your batch file, chuck in a line like 

"c:\tools\bmail.exe -s mysmtp.server.com -t myemail@address.com -f this@is.from.me -h -a "Default Subject" -b "with this Body"

and then you'll get an email to your myemail@address.com address with an email entitled "Default Subject" - how handy is that? AND BEST OF ALL - IT'S LIGHTWEIGHT AND FREE!!

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