27 March 2010

Superbru week 7.5

Well it's been a long while since I've reported anything about Superbru, and that's partly because I doubt most anyone cares, but also because I've not had much to report about :)

It's now almost halfway through the tournament (technically it is pretty much halfway for the round-robins) and I am blogging on my 15-match winning streak and my resurgence to the top half of the SuperBry (AKA SuperBraai) pool from pretty much dead-last at the start. Ironically, I have the most WP predictions, most GSP scores, but this time around I have very few MP and few BP, which counts heavily against me in this sort of competition. In fact, only one person has fewer BP and MP than me in this season, and he's coming last! I also have the second worst TDM too, but interestingly, I'm topping the global standings out of everyone in my pool!

The Sharks have just beaten the Hurricanes by 3 points after a magnificent 50m penalty kick on the hooter by Ruan Pienaar, and before I get into that result, I am sitting happily on 2nd spot of the SuperBraai pool (that's quite an achievement considering I've been sucking it up badly this year so far and pretty much came up from bottom; much like MrP, although he came from halfway to top), 15 wins in a row, and in line for my 3rd GSP in a row (that's something awesome).

To put it into perspective, my current stats for 2010 are as follows:
76.19% win accuracy in Super 14
Global 9,262/71,739
Sharks 517/4,427
Geel Kabouters 8/33
SuperDraw2010 14/35
Sport24 581/2,140
SuperBraai 2/12 

And now onto the Sharks game:  They won by 3, and I bet against them by 3, which now means I am bitterly disappointed and bitterly frustrated. The worst part of the whole experience is, I was not enjoying the game simply because I sensed the Sharks are out of the race this year unless they score bonus points, which they don't seem to be doing except when they're losing, and I wanted to extend my winning streak and grandslam wins, which meant I was always mixed feelings about who was winning. That sucked. That sucked the life out of my spectating and supporting. To add insult to injury, the final result burns even more because I actually thought they'd win by about 3 points, AND I'd be happy for both reasons (Superbru and Super14) AND still be in line for a GSP and a winning streak if I'd bet on my team. Now, instead, this is what it means to my stats:

74.42% win accuracy in Super 14
Global 10,365/71,739
Sharks 661/4,427
Geel Kabouters 8/33
SuperDraw2010 14/35
Sport24 627/2,140
SuperBraai 4/12 

I haven't been hampered too much except in my personal pool, which is the one that counts for RESPECT (the two counting for $$$ I didn't budge at all). All this means for me, really, is that in future I must stick with my home team unless it's absolutely certain they're going to lose - if there's a 50/50 I must go with my heart and not what the bookies would think. Dammit, their victory is a bitter after-taste for me because I can only half celebrate it. Oh how everything would be so much better (and different) if I had picked SHARKS by X instead of HURRICANES by 3... this is the sort of reason why I don't enjoy Superbru - I should be supporting my team and rejoicing when they win, not having any twinge of disappointment even when they do win :) I really hate myself for not backing the SHARKS today... Superbru is the devil!!

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