04 January 2010


Go to PANDORA Internet Radio if you haven't yet checked it out. This is a really great way to listen to music! Of course, I'm experiencing it from 20Mbps internet access, so it may not be quite as practical in South Africa ... but the concept is awesome, and it will give you exposure to a whole range of artists and songs that perhaps you may never otherwise get a chance to enjoy, but it will still comply with your personal music tastes... hopefully ;) CHECK IT OUT!

UPDATE: It appears that PANDORA won't work in RSA - there are ways around this, and I'll look into them and post updates here, unless anyone has any suggestions to post in the comment. Likewise, Kai, your suggestion doesn't work either. More reason to not enjoy technology in a 3rd world country :( (you'd think they would allow the 3rd worlds a hand-out since we are so technologically backward, the risks are lower here :))

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Kai Hendry said...

Spotify is far FAR better.