19 August 2009

Is lady justice alive in SA?

Today we had our attorneys apply for a court date to hear our application. I have been most hopeful of an outcome to all of this bother over the past two years and was expecting a court date in the not-too-distant future so we could start this process and conclude it before I'm old and grey (which is approaching more rapidly than I'd prefer).

Well, I have a lot to learn, it seems. After hearing that the first available High Court date is in December, and seeing that this has dragged on almost over a year already, my enthusiasm has somewhat waned. We've been offered an amount about 33% higher than our purchase price for our flat, although I'm not entirely sure whether I'd trust the offer. Quite a bit to think about - do we take the sale and let go of this conflict? If that happens I'd feel a bit like David running away from Goliath. I feel like we have right on our sides, and with right comes might - but do others have the stamina and will to fight this? I'd spend every ounce of energy and every cent of financial wealth on this if I knew justice would prevail, and moreso, if it encouraged others to make a stand against injustice in the future. I will never do it at the cost of my family, but I know that provided my judgment is sound and my motives pure, God will sustain my family through this battle.

Reading between the lines of an email from our attorneys if one were paranoid and uncertain, it would seem they may not want to deal with us any more than with this case - I know I am just being paranoid, and perhaps they know when they've hit their limit (and don't want to spread themselves too thin), but I don't know anything for sure and the devil's doing a number on my confidence.

I'm feeling quite distressed about justice in this country. Is there even such a thing as justice any more? We have seen the Shabir Shaik's living it up on the golf course, the JZ's running the country, and so on, and I wonder - how does it happen? When will it end? Why do they get such extravagance and seemingly no come-uppance?

I've spent quiet time with God, and I read Psalm 57 & Psalm 58, and it's given me some hope and encouragement. I have to remember justice is in God's timing and not ours, and I just have to wait. Who knows - perhaps just setting the court date is like firing a broadside and these guys will realise we are serious and come to a settlement? I doubt it though, because this bugger is stubborn and he'll fight this thing through even if he's going to lose. He's a classic bully. A bully with lots of money. That's a bad recipe.

And then there's my mate selling his flat in the middle of all of this - his bad governance got us into this mess and now he's high-tailing it!

No matter, I must remain strong and hopeful and just patiently wait for the days to count down.

It's hard to believe justice is alive ... perhaps on earth, in South Africa, it's dead, or dormant, or is possibly only being birthed now for the first time since before apartheid ended, but God's ultimate justice will prevail forever and always, and in his timing. Eventually, I must remember - it's all "eventually"... (Isaiah 58).


Kai Hendry said...

33% higher? Take it!

Graeme said...

The only people who win in court cases are the lawyers. If you want to martyr yourself for the cause, then go ahead, but if they've offered to buy you out at a 33% profit, I agree with Kai, I would take it and try and put this whole affair behind you.