20 June 2009

I've just lost gamer points and achievements!!

Can anyone explain this to me?
(Update: I read http://uk.gamespot.com/pages/forums/show_msgs.php?topic_id=25958198 and it explained why I lost them :()

I hook up my xbox360 to xbox live for the first time in five months, and it asks me to sign up for an xbox live account, so I enter my old one, and it says "do you want to retrieve your gamertag" or something, and naturally I say yes.

Now I see most of my achievements have disappeared as well as my gamer points??

No Civ:Rev score (in fact, not even a record of it), no Bioshock achievements, no Lego: Indiana Jones, what's happened???

Update: I downloaded an old profile that was stored online and overwrote my existing profile. Strange thing is, I never changed xbox 360 consoles!!??

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Graeme said...

Sorry man, that's harsh. What you did seems pretty silly to me, but then I have retrieved gamertags several times before so I know what the process does.

On the bright side, you've just lost your profile, all your saves are still on your HDD. Maybe you can just load your last save from each game and some of the achievements will instantly unlock? Don't know for sure as I've never tried.