20 February 2009

SANZAR Rugby calendar for GOOGLE

I don't know precisely what's happened with GOOGLE CALENDAR's system for subscribing to public calendars, but in the past one could simply search and add from a useful list; now it's not so easy to get to public calendars. After doing some roundabout searches, I found iCalShare which had an obsolete Super 14 rugby calendar on it; after digging into the comments I found a message from the author saying that he's updated the calendar with an address change...

The URL to add to your google calendar is:

And just remember to set up notifications if you want SMS reminders etc.
Thanks to Ben Frost for saving me from wasting precious time doing such a calendar myself - you are a rugby hero :)

Other sites which have useful lists (including 3N which obviously Ben's Super 14 calendar doesn't have) are:

- not iCal format though :(

- not iCal format though, and I think it's a hospitality calendar with sporting events?


igitur said...

Thanks, I was looking for an iCal feed.

If you want to know why searching public calendars was removed... check


igitur said...

What's with all the 3-day BYE events?